ᴘιт ʙuʟʟ Woɴт Ԍo Тo Sʟᴇᴇᴘ Uɴтιʟ Owɴᴇʀ Sιɴԍs Нιм ᴀ ʟuʟʟᴀʙʏ

There are few things sweeter than a doting dad singing his baby to sleep, but what happens when that “baby” is actually an adorable Pitbull puppy? This 2016 video of a Pit Bull getting sung to sleep by his human dad shows the power of a well-sung lullaby.

Puti, a red nose Pit Bull puppy, has trouble falling asleep, so his human dad sings him a lullaby every night. It’s clear from Puti’s reaction that he enjoys being serenaded while he drifts off to dreamland.

The video starts with Puti lying down in his crate for the night.

The pup obviously is not ready for bed. Why go to sleep when there is so much excitement happening outside of your cage?

Humans often enjoy a glass of warm milk (or chilled wine) to help them fall asleep, but what is a rambunctious young pooch supposed to do when it’s way past his bedtime?

Puti’s dad asks the dog if he’d like to hear a lullaby. Puti’s face lights up, and he smiles at the camera. Have you ever heard the song “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLachlan? Well, Puti’s human changes the words to that song into the perfect doggy lullaby.

Pet parents really do treat their pets like children. Doggy daycares and dog salons are popping up all over the country, and more restaurants and hotels are offering pet-friendly options. When you consider how much money the average American spends on their pets, as reported here by Business Insider, singing your puppy to sleep doesn’t seem all that absurd.

So, how did Puti react to his dad’s sweet serenade? The dog instantly looks calmer and more relaxed. In less than a minute, Puti was sound asleep.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Pit Bulls. Critics believe that bully breeds are dangerous, but the majority of people who have lived with a Pit Bull will tell you that they are the friendliest, most loyal dogs on the planet.

Puti certainly doesn’t look dangerous, but we’ll let you decide for yourself. This viral video of Puti’s bedtime routine has been viewed more than 3.4 million times: