A 3-Year-Old Girl And Her Puppy Reenact A Dance Sequence From “Beauty And The Beast”

It must be some type of great friendship between little humans and dogs, since there is no more heart-warming pair. Whether they’re playing, sleeping, or simply hanging out, infants and puppies radiate happiness to everyone who sees them.

Emily and her family’s dog Rudy have been close companions since Emily was three years old. Indeed, Emily’s beloved puppy has been at her side throughout her childhood, sharing in the delight and amazement.

Emily’s mother, Kaylee Slobotski, told The Dodo, “They are the best of friends.”


Emily and Rudy have a special relationship. They did, however, enjoy a dance the other day, replicating a moment from Emily’s favorite film, “Beauty and the Beast”.


“We were watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for the 100th time, and she wanted to put on her Belle costume, and she demanded that Rudy try on his,” Slobotski recalled. “She took it from there, and he danced with her for approximately 40 seconds before leaving. It was the loveliest tiny blip on the radar. When she tried to rest her head on his shoulder, I couldn’t take it anymore.”


Of all, this lovely scenario is simply a glimpse of a friendship full of adorable moments. It wouldn’t be the same without Emily:

“My husband and I enjoy watching her grow up alongside Rudy!” Slobotski remarked. “He’s the sweetest, gentlest giant I’ve ever met.”