A Baby Fox Is Rescued By A Man Who Was In Serious Health Condition

Red, a small fox cub called by the color of her fur, was discovered near the industrial grounds in Oldham, England, collapsed.

Despite the greatest efforts of the factory employees who discovered her and attempted to entice her with food, she seemed lifeless as she laed on her side.

When such efforts failed, Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool called in Paul McDonald, a local fox expert.
He phoned a trusted veterinarian at Parker Crowther Vets and said that, while he didn’t expect Red to live, if anything could be done for her, even with her very low heartbeat and breathing, he would cover the costs.

“I utilize this specific veterinarian because I know she will give it her all, unlike some veterinarians who aren’t interested in wildlife since there isn’t any money to be made,” McDonald said.


“As fate would have it, my first evaluation turned out to be incorrect,” he remarked. “Red’s heart rate and respiration were both normal. There were no fractures seen.” Red, on the other hand, was thirsty and had a low body temperature.


She was put on an IV drip and given antibiotics right away, and her road to recovery began. Red came at Freshfields Animal Rescue after spending a couple more nights at the clinic. Red was able to move at that moment, but she was still too frail to properly stand and walk.

“For a couple more days, I had to feed her with a syringe,” McDonald recalled.


“Red stood up on her own one night when I walked into the apartment to feed her, which brought a tear to my eye. Seeing this unfortunate cat, who I was afraid would not live, make such a miraculous recovery changed my perspective on animal rescues, which usually end in tears of a different type “he stated.


Red began to walk on her own after a few days, her steps a little shaky but certainly symbolic of her ambition to be healthy fast. During Red’s recovery, another fox cub appeared at Freshfields. Bruno was handed to him after he was discovered alone behind a shed in Wirral.

“Because Red and Bruno were roughly the same age,” McDonald explained, “they were great to mingle with – they took to each other very immediately.”

“Fox cubs are gregarious creatures, and it’s critical that captive ones aren’t left alone, since they can either grow tame or get lonely if left alone. It was a huge comfort to be able to provide Red with a companion in the form of Bruno “he stated

They’re prospering now, and they practically manage the rescue’s fox team together. McDonald stated that the two will be given a “soft rollout” in the coming weeks.

Red and Bruno sleeping together | PAUL MCDONALD

That means Red and Bruno will be released into an outside enclosure, where they will be able to experience the sights and smells of the wild while being secure within the confines of the cage. For a few days, they’ll be fed until they get their bearings and feel confident enough to hunt on their own – and eventually survive on their own.

“If any other orphaned cubs around Red’s age come in, I’ll mix them in with them as well, up to a group of five, and they’ll all be released together, where they’ll scatter and discover their own territories,” McDonald said.