A Cat Was Brought Into An Office To Get Rid Of Mice, But Started To Bring In Money Instead


Rodents are such a worrying problem when you are in the office, you can’t ignore them and do your tasks without noticing and getting annoyed. As normally defined, cats are supposed to catch mice and rats, but there are still some exceptions.

This kitty is gently watching a tiny mouse sipping his water bowl, this one also cuddles the uninvited creature, and in this case, a hustle kitty likes to grab and collect money from strangers instead of hunting mice. But what will the cat use the money for? Scroll down to read a whole story.

One marketing agency GuRuStu in Tulsa adopted a fluffy kitty to help them hunt and catch the rodents around the office. The cat was very friendly and adaptive, he enjoyed bathing under the sun, sitting by the door, and watching the passersby.

Everything seemed very normal for a cat until one day they realized there was a lot of money and coins were being displayed in front of the cat. People in the agency came to the curiosity and they tried to figure out what was going on. And the repetition was happening from time to time without any hypotheses except some people assumed it was because the strangers wanted to play with this fluffy guy.

The investigation occurred when the officers in GuRuStu tried to slide a bill into the door where the cat was usually sitting by. Suddenly, he started to climb up and grab the bill! Turned out, people were in love with his adorable appearance and his phenomenal talent so they gave him money and never wanted to take back.

People were in an awe of the money catcher and they named him Caship Kitty, and they decided to donate all the money to a charity called Tulsa Day Center for people and animals who are sick and homeless. That was also a way of honoring the adoptive kitty.

Caship Kitty has still become popular on the Internet now because of his “Robin Hood” behavior.

Cat lovers all around the world don’t mind giving him money and treats, with the hope he would donate to Tulsa Day Center more.