A Dog On The Verge Of Being Put Down Is Rescued And Adopted By A Couple Who Drove Hours To Get Him

With each passing day, more animals are being abandoned all across the world, and the number is growing even quicker because to the Covid-19 outbreak. Several individuals have abandoned their dogs during the lockdown, either because their owners have died or because they are unable to care for them due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, not all of these tales end in tragedy. Ashton Hart, a TikTok user, just learned that his grandfather, whom he hadn’t seen in 6 years. Ashton was stunned by the news, but he was also concerned for his grandfather’s dogs, who could have been left behind.

His instincts were confirmed when he learned that his grandfather owned a dog, and without hesitation, Hart and his companion went over to retrieve him. When they went to his grandfather’s house, they discovered an obese dog, now known as Oat Milk Latte, who was about to be put down since he had been left alone and was suffering from a variety of health issues.

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Meet Oat Milk Latte, a dog that Ashton Hart and his spouse saved from being put down.

Bored Panda sent some questions to Ashton, the proprietor of Oat Milk Latte. We asked him to tell us a little more about Oat Milk Latte’s personality first.

Image credits: repulsivelyflamboyant

“Oat Milk is a wonderful dog. He has the sweetest disposition I’ve ever seen. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, and when we took him to the groomer for the first time, they gushed about how gentle and compassionate he was. My grandparents were animal abusers, so I’m not sure how he became that way. “I think you just get lucky and meet a nice soul.”

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Oat Milk is a dairy product made from oat Latte had a number of health difficulties, so he was given a well-deserved wash; however, they soon discovered that his fur had become matted to the point of having to be chopped off.

We also wanted to know if Ashton and his husband had any other pets in addition to Oat Milk.

“He isn’t our only pet; we also have Yakisoba, a three-legged tortie cat, two rats (Biggie and Smalls), and Pumpkin, a hamster!”

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Although Oat Milk was Ashton’s grandfather’s dog, we were interested to learn if they had any other reasons for adopting him.

“My husband had wanted a dog for a long time, but we had never met Oat Milk before going to pick him up, so we had no idea what to expect. We were completely prepared to take him in, rehabilitate him, and then place him in another family if he wasn’t a good fit for us—but we hit the jackpot, and he’s the loveliest boy you’ll ever meet. He’ll undoubtedly be in our family for the rest of his life! There’s no doubt about that.”

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Without further ado, Ashton scheduled a grooming session for his dog, and the before and after photos reveal a more happy and mobile canine.

After everything that had transpired, the poor dog was not only fatigued, but he was also grieving the loss of his beloved owner.

“Oat Milk is still settling in, so he hasn’t had a chance to emerge from his shell.” When we return home after being gone for a long, he greets us with the greatest smile and starts wagging his tail like crazy—his little butt runs like a motor! (Because his tail is shaved!) I have a video of it on my TikTok!”

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“What I like best about him is how kind he is.” You can see he’s gone through a lot of trauma and is in a lot of pain, yet no matter what, he’s still a bright and joyful little guy. He’s constantly wanting to be around us, hasn’t got an aggressive bone in his body, and all he wants to do is make you happy.”

Despite the difficulties, Ashton was certain that his grandpa had cherished Oat Milk Latte in his own special way.

The pair understands that the dog will need some time to acclimatize to his new home, but they are prepared to give him as much time as he requires.

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It’s no surprise that the tale touched a lot of people’s emotions and went viral on the internet. We were curious as to how Ashton felt about the situation on a personal level.

“To tell you the truth, it’s been a lifesaver.” We are poor and live paycheck to paycheck (and even then, we are barely scraping by). The increased expense of Oat Milk’s food and other necessities was going to be a significant financial burden for us, but people have given to his vet bill fund and sent him stuff from Amazon.

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He has everything he needs for the time being, which is a huge comfort. Tomorrow we have a vet appointment, when we’ll finally be able to get him examined out and figure out just how much health care we’ll need. The outpouring of support has been incredible, and I believe we will be able to provide him with a level of care that he would not have received otherwise. I believe we will finally have the finances to provide him what he needs and deserves, so that he may live out the rest of his life to the best of his ability, due to his age (about 8-9), weight (50 pounds above his max breed weight), and who knows what else.”

Morning cuddling and exercise have become a daily occurrence in Oat Milk Latte’s life as he is pampered by his new owners.

Despite the fact that Oat Milk Latte is still grieving his former owner, perhaps much more than he initially admitted, Ashton and his girlfriend are eager to do everything they can to make the dog happy again.

Finally, we wanted to hear what Ashton hoped for the audience to take away from the narrative.

“Get Covid-19 vaccinated so you don’t have to give your pets to distant relatives—because, unfortunately, the great majority of pets, like Oat Milk, do not have a happy ending.” We owe it to our dogs, friends, family, and ourselves to take the essential precautions to ensure our safety.