A dog that sits on a leash all its life visits the ocean for the first time

Herschel spent the first five years of her life in seclusion in her backyard. His teeth were worn away from trying to free himself. After the rescue, the beautiful German Shepherd was adopted twice, but returned both times. Life leaves emotional damage.

Luckily for Herschel, things are about to change! Rocky Kanaka, an avid dog rescuer and creator of the web series Dogs Day Out, took an interest in Herschel (whom he affectionately referred to as Bear). He showed it in a viral video where a dog sees snow for the first time and hugs “Bear” for free.

The exhibition was a success, and soon Herschel went to Washington to live with her new mom forever! He wanted to share another scooping moment with his pleasant friend, so he planned a special detour to the beach on his way to Washington.

At first, Herschel dreamily watched the waves lapping on the shore.As his enthusiasm grew, he began to complain and then scream with joy. Prepare napkins, this video is a teardrop, the best you can! After moving into a new family that includes two more German Shepherds and a few acres of running land,

Herschel’s mom shared some updates on Instagram. It turns out that the burly dog ​​prefers the nickname Bear and decided to use it all the time.

He also decided that five years of isolation was more than enough. The bear is in no hurry now. close to his family members – people and dogs – whenever he gets the opportunity.

What a happy ending for such an adorable and lovable dog!