A Dog That Weighs As Much As A Baby Elephant Arrives At A Shelter

Trojan was matted, filthy, and weighed 223 pounds, almost the same as a young elephant when he first came at the RSPCA.

Trojan was so overweight that he found it impossible to do anything. His rescuers recognized that the first thing they needed to do was help him lose weight so he could romp about and simply be a dog again.

Trojan’s journey was aided by everyone at the shelter, and he was able to lose 132 pounds in just a year, which is a much healthy weight for a dog his size.

In a news release, Nicola Anthony, the kennel supervisor at the RSPCA’s Ashley Heath Animal Centre, stated, “It’s taken a year, a very particular diet, and an exercise routine to help him drop the weight steadily and safely; and he’s now almost half of his original weight.”

“Thank goodness he hasn’t lost his major role!”

Credit: RSPCA

Trojan is more happy now that he’s lost weight, and the final piece of the jigsaw is assisting him in finding the ideal permanent home.

Trojan is ten years old, yet he still acts like a puppy in many ways. He enjoys exploring the world and everything it has to offer, and his rescuers are convinced that he’ll make a wonderful new addition to one very fortunate family.

Credit: RSPCA

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Credit: RSPCA

“Don’t let his age fool you; he has no intention of’retiring’ anytime soon,” Anthony added. “He’s still robust and enjoys going for small walks, plodding about the garden, and sniffing!” He gets along well with other dogs but dislikes being pounced on, so he does best with calm, respectful canine companions. We think he’d do best as the only dog in his new home, where he’ll get all of the love and care he deserves!”

Credit: RSPCA

Trojan suffers from arthritis and thyroid difficulties, so his future family will need to be aware of these conditions. Aside from that, all he wants is lots of company and belly rubs, which isn’t too much to ask.