A Homeless Man Stepped In To Save A Small Chihuahua Who Had Been Abandoned On The Side Of The Road

Angel Janes was driving home from work when she observed a man by the side of the road with a sign begging for money or a job.

The woman pulled over to assist the man and noticed a little Chihuahua puppy resting on his lap, which the man was gently wrapping in a blanket.

Angel handed the guy smokes and then asked if she could find this dog a nice home.

Ron is the man’s name, and he is a homeless man. He watched a car come to a halt by the roadside, and a guy threw the dog out onto the road. Ron was terrified that the dog would be caught between the wheels of the automobiles and would be taken.

“I didn’t speak with him for very long, but I was really moved by his great deed,” Angel adds. “He stated he didn’t want the puppy to end up on the streets like he did.”

Angel shared a tale about Ron and the Chihuahua on her Facebook page, where all of her friends, including Kathleen Dallman, could view it.

“She tracked down Ron and the dog and presented him with a $50 reward for saving the Chihuahua and keeping him safe.” He first hesitated to accept the money. “I simply want to do the right thing for her,” he explained. But they persisted, and he eventually accepted the money. Then he wept.”

She was soon adopted by a loving family. She was taken in by Chasity Guyer and her daughter. Lucky Louis was the Chihuahua’s name. Kathleen Dallman couldn’t stop thinking about this man, so she set up a GoFundMe account in his honor.

“He sobbed again when he saw the money.” He couldn’t believe society was on his side. When I gave him the money, he expressed an interest in donating some of it to the Chihuahua. “However, I assured him that she had all she required.”

Then Ron informed Kathleen about how he lost his job during these trying times and is looking for permanent employment.