A Man Attends An adoption Event And Discovers His Long-Lost Dog

Shannon McCann and Nick Pizio intended to get a new puppy.Pizio came across an ad for a Planned Pethood Inc. adoption event. while reading on Facebook and immediately recognized one of the dogs in the picture.The puppy resembled Lucy, a puppy he and his ex-wife had acquired in 2015. Pizio did not stop looking for Lucy, he also lost track of her.

McCann said, “We were both extremely worried as we did not know if she was still alive.

“Lucy immediately recognized him,” McCann added. “When she saw Nick, she jumped to her feet, wagged her tail angrily, and put her face as close to the box openings [where she was holding] as she could for Nick to touch her.”


“When I brought her home she was looking happy,” McCann said.

Pizio felt he couldn’t let Lucy leave without a fight, so he applied for adoption. “We were both apprehensive,” McCann explained, “since we had never intended on having two dogs.” “But we couldn’t stomach seeing Lucy on the streets again.”

The rescue workers believed Lucy had found a true permanent home after hearing Pizio’s remarkable story.

Lucy is now at home with her folks and her new dog, Kuma, a husky. It’s barely been a week, but the puppy has already established a pattern that includes lengthy walks with her sister, kisses from her new mom, and soaking up every moment with her father.


And her father is overjoyed that fate has reunited them: “He’s glad he spotted the post in time to be able to rescue her,” McCann added.