A Man Searches A Dumpster And Discovers Ten Little Raccoons Within

Robert Acton was making an early morning delivery in Bradenton, Florida, when he heard noises coming from a nearby dumpster. The truck driver peered inside and was shocked to see 10 pairs of little brown eyes looking back at him.

A family of newborn raccoons had gotten stranded after crawling in. Their mother had shown them how to rummage among the trash for food, but she hadn’t shown them how to get out of the metal box.

“You should always be kind to Mother Nature, so I’m going to help these little guys,” Acton said in a video he took of the incident.

“I’d hate to think of a compactor coming and throwing them in the back. That wouldn’t be good.”

At the sight of Acton, the curious babies stood on their back paws and looked up at him, as if asking for help.

Acton grabbed a wooden pallet and carefully lowered it into the dumpster. This created the perfect ladder for the raccoons to climb to safety.

The raccoons swiftly began to emerge from the dumpster and make their way to the fence and trees behind it. The fact that an albino raccoon was one of the last to exit the dumpster added to the experience.

This isn’t the first time Acton has stepped in to save the day. Last week, he reportedly assisted another bunch of raccoons in trapping the same trash, according to Fox35.

It’s a good reminder to always close the lids on dumpsters and trash cans. You could possibly be saving someone’s life.