A Pilot Flies A Terminal Shelter Dog 400 Miles To Be With A Loving Family For Her Final Days

Unfortunately, not all pets in shelters have a happy ending. Ashlyn, an adorable senior dog who has been living at a shelter in North Carolina for a couple of months, was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The unfortunate four-footer only had a few days left to live, but a pilot made sure she got plenty of affection in her dying days.

It all began when Ashlyn grew depressed one day, and it became clear that she was suffering from an illness. Her cancer was diagnosed by veterinarians, and there were many tumors beneath her skin.

Ashlyn was so exhausted that she couldn’t even run or play anymore.

Credits: Source: Tracy Lander

The employees at the New England Humane Society, on the other hand, wanted to make sure Ashlyn’s final days were worthwhile. Doctors said she would only live for a few more weeks, so everyone decided to make the most of it.

The shelter workers found Ashlyn a wonderful family, but there was one catch: her new family lived almost 400 miles away.

The shelter had no means of getting her there relatively quickly, as the pup also didn’t really have much longer to live either. However, there is one man who stepped in in a miraculous way.

Credits: Source: Tracy Lander

Paul Steklkenski is the owner of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and a trained pilot, and he promised to get Ashlyn there quickly.

Paul posted a few photos of himself and his friend in the air, which are just beautiful and amazing to behold. Even though it took a few minutes to get accustomed to, it’s apparent that Ashlyn is enjoying herself in the air. Whenever the pup did feel a bit uncomfortable in the air, Paul treated her with dog biscuits.

Credits: Source: Tracy Lander

“She started off a little bit distant,” the pilot said to The Dodo. “Then she would kind open up a bit, and she got closer.”

“Then she laid her head on my lap. To me, that’s huge. That’s all that matters. That’s the reward in itself.”

The pilot even became emotional during the trip, seeing how this pup was so much happier than she’s been in recent weeks.

Credits: Tracy Lander

Paul always had a passion for flying and for pets as well, so he figured a couple of years ago that we would try to combine those two passions. He founded Flying Fur Rescue and has been taking animals from point A to point B ever since.

The pilot continued, “I never would have anticipated discovering something so fulfilling, so rewarding that it would transcend nearly everything else of my life on this Earth.”

Credits: Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

You could see Ashlyn’s smile start to return as soon as she met her new family.
Tracy Lancer, a lovely and caring woman, took up Ashlyn and promised to provide her with plenty of attention and delicate loving care. Nonetheless, Tracy was absolutely shocked to see the condition Ashlyn was in.

Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue[/captio

“When I picked her up from the airport, her condition destroyed me,” Tracy recalls. “She was down to 39 pounds — her ideal weight is between 65 and 70. She came to me with a sweater on — when I took it off, I could see every rib.”

Credits: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Tracy’s other pup Angel also welcomed her with open arms.

“He’ll go up to Ashlyn and just start licking her,” the woman said about Angel. “He thinks he can heal everybody with his tongue.”