A Rescued Fox And A Bulldog Form An Unbreakable Friendship

Apparently, some Disney movies aren’t that far from reality after all. The famous Disney creation called The Fox and the Hound has recently been brought to life by this adorable bulldog and a six-month-old rescue vixen cub.

This great story began back in April when a 28-year-old woman named Pauline Ashanolla rescued a small, two-week-old foxie.

The abandoned and frightened cub was discovered by a couple who, unable to find a rescue center that would take the fox, turned to Pauline, a woman known to be passionate about helping animals. Pauline decided to take care of the little vixen herself and nurse her back to health.

Pauline was so dedicated to helping this poor animal, she even gave up her dream job as a dog groomer to have more time with the little one. Eventually, Marley (that’s the name that Pauline has given to the cub) became healthy and turned into the beautiful little fox that you can see in these pictures.

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Pauline also had her four-year-old bulldog named Ernie living with her. Along the way, a truly beautiful friendship has blossomed between him and Marley.

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

“Marley was so poorly when we found her, she was covered in flies and ticks. They were in her ears, everywhere,” Pauline told The Kennedy News and Media. “She was throwing up worms, really big ones, they were longer than her. She definitely would have died if she’d been found just 15 minutes later.”

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

For the next six weeks, Pauline nursed Marley back to health, syringe-feeding her kitten milk every 90 minutes through the day and night. Moreover, she got Marley medication to treat her worms and ticks.

Now the foxie is strong and she’s got a best friend by her side. “I was worried about Marley at first and how she would get on with the dogs especially,” Pauline told The Kennedy News and Media. “Ernie was terrified of Marley at first, and she didn’t like him, but she slowly started sleeping closer to him. After I’d had her about three weeks, they started playing together. One day, they just started running around together and they have been best friends ever since.”

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

“They do everything together, they’re inseparable. They play with each other all day, they sleep together every night, they go for walks together,” Pauline told The Kennedy News and Media. “Dogs are usually used to hunt foxes, but these two are best friends. It’s like the real-life The Fox and the Hound. Ernie is so gentle and sweet with her, he looks like a little bruiser but he’s actually a big baby.”