A Thoughtful Duck Retrieves And Returns A Boy’s Flip Flop That Has Fallen Down A Hill


This is the heartwarming moment in which a considerate duck retrieves and returns a boy’s flip-flop. This strange event drew the attention of Myla Aguila, a lady from Quezon Province in the Philippines, who happily documented the moment on her camera.

Aguila was roaming through the hilly settlement of Sitio Madaguldol near her house when she came upon a young child seated atop a tiny hill off the road. The young child, it turned out, had a minor issue: one of his flip-flops had fallen down the short hill and was now out of reach.


Looking at the footage, it appears that the youngster may have obtained his footwear on his own. The duck, on the other hand, was determined to complete the random act of kindness, so the youngster entertained the astute duck.

But it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Even though the slope was modest, it was still a difficult task for the duck’s tiny feet. Despite this, it continued.

Throughout the video, the duck appeared to know exactly what it was doing. And it’s possible. Researchers discovered that even young ducklings are capable of thinking in ways that are usually exclusively linked with primates and other highly cognitive creatures. In some facets of abstract reasoning, ducks even surpass apparently “smarter” animal species.

And they don’t have to travel far to get there. Researchers discovered in a recent study that those cute clever creatures grasp concepts like “same” and “different” as soon as a few hours after birth, retain them, and can even apply them to never-before-seen items with no social cues or instruction.