A Woman Paid A Year’s Worth Of Visits To A Dog Until She Was Able To Rescue And Adopt Her

Throughout the process of rescuing Takia, Laura Seymour faced several challenges, but she never gave up and provided the dog the life she had always deserved.

Laura first noticed a dog tethered to a tree in the backyard of a callous individual. Laura, an animal enthusiast, instantly ran to the house’s fence to investigate the issue and meet her new furry buddy.

The woman was hesitant when she got close enough to observe because she didn’t know how the great Akita would respond. To her astonishment, the dog began to wag her tail and exhibit joy right away, showering her with kisses.

Laura began to see the seriousness of the predicament that the dog was facing in the garden after getting to know each other, gaining confidence, and saying hello sufficiently.

The amiable canine’s fur was moist and she had a hole in the ground that she utilized as a temporary bed, indicating that she spent the most of her time outside. He also had two bowls near the tree, both of which were empty, indicating that he didn’t have food or drink.


Laura felt concerned for Takia as a result, and began visiting the location many times a week to provide food to her chained companion.

The affectionate dog became more and more enthusiastic about her coming and was delighted to see her as the days and visits passed. Takia recognized Laura’s automobile after a few days, and when she parked in front of her, she began to do a beautiful happy dance.


Both of them began to form a fantastic connection, and Laura realized she needed to do something to help her buddy escape her horrible life.

Oh my my, I’ve had to bring this small puppy with me. I’m going to have to kidnap her, and I’m going to have to help her. I thought to myself, “Could it be that I’ll go to jail for this expert?”


A few weeks after seeing Takia, the woman decided to contact Animal Control to learn more about the issue. However, after visiting the house, they advised him that there was nothing they could do as long as the owners provided him with a roof, water, and food.


Laura was upset, but she didn’t want to abandon her new companion, so she promised animal control she would keep visiting. Takia’s bowls were usually always empty when she arrived, so she wanted to make sure she had adequate food and drink.


Laura’s suggestion was accepted by Animal Control, who also advised her to contact them again if the issue deteriorated. She stayed with Takia for a year, and when winter arrived, the poor dog had to spend the entire time outside.

Laura was most concerned about the approach of summer’s scorching heat, because she knew the animal would suffer if not properly cared for.


Because she felt her options were limited and her hands were bound, she decided to make one more desperate plea to animal control.

They compelled Takia’s family to hand her up after discovering that they refused to provide her with sufficient care.

Takia was placed up for adoption once she was freed from her chain, and Laura was at the head of the queue to adopt her. Takia phoned her after she had completed the adoption process and was finally able to transport her buddy to her new home.


“As soon as we arrived home, I became accustomed to doing nothing for the entire day.” He now runs as soon as he is able. She’s a brand-new puppy.

When the tale of Laura and Takia was shared in a video, a woman replied claiming she was a neighbor of the animal’s prior owners. She described the incident in detail and stated that she was afraid for the dog’s safety, so she contacted animal control.


I’m so delighted you took the initiative! I live next door, and we feed her as well as calling animal control, who tell us the same thing. My husband and my sister-in-law, who lives across the street, brought her food and drink. So animal control assumed the owner did it, although he or she never did. ‘I’m so glad you have a wonderful place to live!’

Takia now spends her days in the comfort of her new home, where she is surrounded by love and care, as she should be. She looks forward to everyday adventures with her adoptive mother, and while she will never be able to make up for the years of agony she has endured, her future is full of love and pleasure.