Abandoned Dog Begs Rescuers To Take Him Away From Horrible Situation

Charlie was a stray dog that relied on people for food and shelter. Even though he was found in a “horrible place” known for being a dumping ground for unwanted and abandoned animals, he loved people.
Three rescues arrived on a fateful day, and his life was about to change.

“Apsropyrgos is a wasteland and an industrial neighborhood on the outskirts of Athens. “Ellie, Laura, and I spent the entire day there with a local volunteer who rescues, feeds, and cares for dozens of stray dogs,” Valia with the Orphan Pet stated.

“One of them was Charlie, who had just been abandoned and was far too loving to be ignored. He simply pleaded with us to take him with us, what we did.”

The entirety of Charlie’s rescue story, as narrated by “Charlie,” may be heard in the video below. “Charlie is a dog, and if he could speak, he would,” Valia says.

When he looks at you with his lovely, big eyes, you can almost hear his voice, so I had him tell his own narrative. In any case, animals deserve to have their own voice.”