Abandoned Dog Locked In Crate & Left Outside Animal Shelter Under The Heat

A dog is lucky to be alive after someone abandoned him outside of Purr-Feet Fit Animal Rescue & Adoption Center in Williamsville, New York.

When shelter worker Chris Wiehe arrived at 8 in the morning, she found a cage outside the front door of the shelter. The cage had a thick blanket over it, and inside was a little Chihuahua mix.

Temperatures were already rising, and the thick blanket made it even hotter. If Wiehe didn’t arrive at the shelter as early as she did, the dog most likely wouldn’t have survived in the heat much longer.

“If we had come in at 10 a.m. like we usually do, this dog might have been dead because it was already very hot at 8 o’clock, and then to be covered up in this blanket with no air holes for anything to get it,” Wiehe told WIVB.

“I also, I keep saying, and I’m not trying to shame anybody, but you need to be responsible for your pet.”

There are many ways to re-home your pets, but leaving them in a covered cage in the scorching heat during shelter after-hours is not one of them.

The dog, now named Indy, was checked out by a vet and thankfully give a clean bill of health. She is around one-year-old and will be getting her shots as well as spayed.