Adorable Tiny Dog Has Mickey Mouse Ears And Netizens Are Smitten

Goma is the six-year-old Maltese and Papillon mix from Japan that has been stealing hearts on the Internet with her Micky Mouse-like ears.

Disney has been a childhood classic for thousands of children and adults across the entire globe. Something is endearing about the iconic mouse cartoon that we can’t quite put our fingers on, but we love it. And let’s face it, everyone loves seeing pictures of people’s pets.

Seeing a cute picture of a fluffy cat, a small dog, or a giant cuddle buddy can bring a smile to your face no matter how bad your day has been. This particular dog, named Goma, is extra special. When you first look at her, you might mistake her for a mouse: She has big, fluffy, Mickey Mouse-like ears that make us grin ear to ear.

Goma is a six-year-old Papillon and Maltese blended breed, which is what gives her the adorably small body combined with almost comically large ears that stand straight up. She lives in Japan. Her name in English translates to Sesame, which we think is just as adorable.

Recently, Goma’s Instagram account, which her owner kindly runs for her, has caught the attention of American audiences. Almost immediately, she got the nickname “Mickey Mouse Dog.” Looking at her, we can see what they mean. Her head is almost perfectly round, and as are her ears, which are nearly the size of her head. While her coat may be entirely white, we can’t get over how much she does look like our favorite Disney icon.

Goma currently has more than 300 posts of her on her Instagram account and over 114,000 followers as of this writing. People absolutely love it. Goma’s big ears, round head, and tiny eyes could very nearly stare into our souls.

Comments on a video about Goma say things like, “You are………such a beauty!” Others have made observations about how she looks incredibly soft, kind of like a pillow.

Goma’s a unique, one-of-a-kind breed. We’ve certainly never seen anything like her before, but maybe that’s why we can’t stop looking at her pictures. Plus, Goma’s mother makes sure that she’s dressed for any occasion. Her Instagram pictures feature Goma in different outfits and costumes.

Some costumes have holiday themes, while others are adorable dresses and bows. There’s even one picture in which Ms. Goma has her ears adorably pulled back, centered toward the top of her head while she chews on a sock. In yet another, we can barely recognize her as she’s mid-bath and covered from head to tow in water.

If it were up to us, we would let Goma do anything her heart desired. She could have any food she wanted, all of the cuddles and snuggles, and all of the treats and toys. All it would take is one look from her, with her big, cute, and silly ears, and we would give her our entire world. We are sure that most people feel the same. With a dog as cute as Goma, it would be hard to tell her no.