After 764 Days Apart, Dad Wonders If Missing Senior Dog Will Recognize Him Again

Bosco the Beagle-mix was 9 years old when he went missing from his home in Westerley, Rhode Island. Apparently, the adventurous dog had managed to slip out of his collar to explore the neighborhood, but he had eventually failed to find his way back home.

Dad Bill Ballato, who suffers from a back disability, spent months looking for Bosco through missing posters and personal enquiries, but there was no sign of his sweet dog. When Bill had to move to Lafayette, Colorado, he feared that he would never get to see his dog again.

Over 2 years had passed since Bosco’s initial disappearance, when some Rhode Island residents recognized the dog from the missing posters. Bosco was living on the streets, but he had become extremely fearful of humans.

Source: Boston 25 News

The locals informed Sheilah Graham, a staff at the Department of Homeland Security, who often volunteers as a “pet detective” to track down missing pets.

Source: Bart Ehleen/YouTube

Sheilah contacted Bill to get more information on Bosco. Soon, she successfully captured Bosco with a trap filled with an assortment of his favorite foods!

Source: Bosco’s Journey Home/Facebook

Sheilah knew that Bill’s disability made it impossible for him to come and get Bosco.

Source: Bosco’s Journey Home/Facebook

As a senior dog like Bosco wouldn’t be allowed on flights, she happily volunteered to drive 2000 miles over 36 hours to bring Bosco to Bill and reunite them!

Source: Bosco’s Journey Home/Facebook

The considerate woman drove through 2 snowstorms during the self-funded trip, all the while taking good care of Bosco.

But when the senior dog finally saw Bill after 764 days, he froze in confusion. The poor dad feared that his old buddy won’t recognize him anymore. But when Bill mustered up the courage and called out “Dude”, Bosco finally realized that he is back in the arms of his dear dad!