After Being Rescued From A Fur Farm Zorro Develops Into A Devoted Companion

Woody is a lovely and cuddly fox that was reared on a fur farm, and his fate was not good. In 2015, his adoptive father, Yaroslav, rescued him. These kinds of farms are perfectly legal in Russia, but as soon as Yarolslav met Woody, he knew he couldn’t allow anything awful happen to him.

The young guy called the farm’s proprietors, who agreed to give him the animal in exchange for payment of the sum they intended to get for its fur.

Woody was originally aloof and did not connect with people, according to Bored Panda; he was a little upset due to the changes in his habitat, but after a week, Yaroslav was able to communicate with the timid fox and the two began to build a bond.

After being rescued, Zorro has shown to be the most devoted companion.


To serve his quarantine, the fox spent his first month away from the fur farm at Yaroslav’s residence. The owner erected a kennel for him to spend his time outside comfortably in order to provide him with enough room.

Woody is a naughty fox that built a number of tunnels and came out every now and then as soon as he got out of the kennel.


His father adds that, despite his high activity level, the fox could not stay safe and thrive in the forest on his own since he had never acquired the abilities of a wild animal and had spent his childhood on a fur farm.


Woody is now a cheerful youngster who eats natural foods including meat, cottage cheese, fruits, and vegetables; his favorite food is a persimmon fruit.


It’s incredible to observe how content he is as a companion animal, given that foxes are not easily domesticated.

Taking care of Woody, according to Yaroslav, is a difficult chore. It’s like having a hyperactive, unruly cat and puppy in one body, he explains. Even if he is a bit naughty, the guy would not trade his life with the lovely fox for everything.


Without a doubt, Yaroslav’s actions transformed not only his life, but also that of Woody, who is quite pleased in his new existence, exploring and causing mischief that amuses many others on the Internet.