Army Servicewoman Rescues Dog After 7 Years In Shelter

Pirate is a sweet pup who wanted the same thing every dog wants: a cozy place to call home and a human who loved them. But for seven years, the poor dog was passed over by everyone who came to the Oahu Animal Shelter.

Then, in 2017, a US Army Servicewoman named Jennifer Hoyt was stationed in Honolulu. Jennifer is an animal lover, and she wanted to adopt a dog.

But her fiancé, army serviceman Dennis Shaffer, asked her to wait until he moved to Hawaii a few months later so they could pick out the dog together.While Jennifer waited, she decided to get her dog fix by volunteering at the Oahu Animal Shelter.


On her first day at the shelter, Jennifer noticed Pirate. The pup was older than most of the other dogs and had a sad look on her face. Jennifer was immediately drawn to Pirate and started wondering about her story.


Jennifer looked through Oahu Animal Shelter’s Instagram page and learned that poor Pirate had been in the shelter for seven years. Just like that, Jennifer knew she had to give this dog a forever home.


Jennifer tearfully called Dennis and explained the situation. He said that she should meet the dog.

The next day, Jennifer spent time with Pirate in her kennel. Jennifer’s heart broke when she saw how sad the dog was.

“She didn’t look at me; she didn’t look at anything,” Jennifer told I Heart Dogs. “She was emotionally detached. That broke my heart.”

Jennifer bought Pirate new toys and a new bed, and the dog gratefully curled up on the bed. Slowly but surely, the dog began warming up to Jennifer. After hearing her story, Dennis said that Jennifer should adopt Pirate—he could tell that he would love her too.