As His Family Adopts A New Puppy, The Dog Looks At Them With A Broken Heart

Meet Zuzu, a 2-year-old German Shepherd who has had to deal with being abandoned. Zuzu had been living with a family that also kept her father, but she grew melancholy and miserable following his death. She once leaped over the fence and entered her next-door neighbor’s yard.

They were irritated by the unwanted visitor and contacted animal control, who sent Zuzu to the Downey Animal Care Center in California.

Desi Lara, a volunteer at the shelter, told The Dodo, “She is a beautiful girl, but I found out she is desperate and confused.” “Most dogs run around the yard. She walked slowly, looking around nervously.”

Credits: Bored Panda

Zuzu, on the other hand, had undergone a complete transformation over an adoption weekend. Zuzu was greeting her ex-family by running around the shelter yard and wagging her tail wildly.

Credits: Bored Panda

Instead of adopting Zuzu, they were there to adopt a new dog. They decided to replace her as she was no longer as happy as before.

As a result, Zuzu will be rescued and placed with a “extraordinary” family by a rescue group. She’ll be leaving the shelter soon, and hopefully, she’ll find a family that respects this dog’s generosity and recognizes that the melancholy she experienced when her father died was a necessary part of her grieving process.