At Day Care Dog Always Befriends The Fluffiest Dogs So She May Nap On Them

Edna has been coming to doggie day care since she was a puppy, and her schedule has been consistent: she plays hard for the first three or four hours, then sleeps for the remainder of the day. With so many dogs around, claiming the most comfortable resting position might be difficult – so Edna devised the ideal solution.

Edna chooses the fluffiest puppy at day care that day as soon as she determines it’s naptime…

… and utilizes them as a place to slumber.

Whether the dog is big …

… or not, Edna still naps on them, and the majority of them don’t seem to mind.

One of Edna’s family members, Brianna Gottfried, told The Dodo that “all the dogs seem to appreciate the cuddling companionship.” “Even the tiniest wiener dogs,” says the narrator.

It was definitely simpler to employ other dogs to take naps when she was a puppy…


…but Edna refuses to quit now that she’s bigger. She really adores cuddling, and she takes advantage of every chance she gets at day care.


When it’s time to go at the end of the day, Edna is typically deep asleep on one of her companions, and waking her up and getting her home takes some work.


“I constantly have to pry her off of another dog when it’s time to go home,” Gottfried added.


Edna enjoys playing, and when she is unable to do so, she enjoys napping, which all of her day care pals are more than willing to assist her with.