Babies Grip Each Other Tightly So They Don’t Collapse From Blood Loss & Fright

At such an early age, puppies need proper care and attention.They need their mother to watch over them and humans to provide medical care and food. Sadly, that isn’t the case for many babies out there. These two puppies were found on the roadside, dumped from a car as it drove off.

They clung to one another out of fear, and for comfort. Their bodies were ravaged by ticks and fleas. They were cold and hungry. Thankfully, they were found by caring people who brought them to a local clinic. The vet knew they didn’t have much time to waste. He administered an IV to address their anemia first.

Due to their flea and tick infestation, they had blood loss that weakened their bodies. They also needed IV nutrition and fluids. The next step was to give them a flea bath and remove all the ticks. Soon, the puppies were nestled together, much healthier and well-fed. Now it was time to sleep!

Within a few days, the pups let their guard down and accepted humans. They could see that these people were kind and filled with love. The puppies had never been held or pet before. It was life-changing for them both.

The vet clinic reached out to potential adopters. They wanted to keep the puppies together permanently but that is always a challenge. Finally, a family stepped forward willing to take both dogs in and give them a happy life.