Baby Fell Asleep On Curb Watching Over Mom, Won’t Budge Even As Hunger Set In

Stray animals struggle daily so as to survive. For one mama dog, finding enough food for her and her puppy proved deadly. She tried to cross a busy highway but was tragically hit by a car. She died instantly so she didn’t suffer but her baby had no idea what was happening . He was scared and alone. He clung to his mama hoping she’d awaken .

A passerby stopped her car and called an area rescue in tears. She pleaded for them to return immediately. once they arrived, they might see that the puppy was beyond heartbroken. His mom was his whole world and now that she was gone, he had no idea what to try to to with himself.

He didn’t want to go away her side but the rescuers had to intervene.

The rescuers took both dogs and put them into their vehicle. First, they tried to offer the puppy some formula but he wanted nothing to try to to with it. He continued to cry and huddle into the corner of the cage. Even with their kind words and every one the comfort the rescuers could muster, the puppy only wanted his mom to return back.

The rescuers decided to offer the mama dog a correct burial and say some kind words. They vowed to worry for her baby in her honor. The puppy was delivered to the vet clinic. He was weak from dehydration and inadequate food intake. The vet and his staff tried everything but he still refused to eat.

The vet and his staff had seen this before. When a puppy is that this shutdown, they need no other choice but to offer him the nutrition and fluids he needs. If they wait, he won’t make it. They put in an IV and let the puppy rest as comfortably as possible.

The rescue group and medical staff are working round the clock to worry for the puppy and he’s making steady, but slow progress. He’s still very scared and misses his mama. it’ll take time for him to feel safe again but nobody is abandoning on his recovery. Can we please send this baby all our prayers and well wishes?