Badly Beaten Puppy Felt Unworthy, Looked At His Paw & Realized He Matters


A poor helpless puppy laid on the sidewalk pressed up against a building.

He was in such horrific pain that he cried out when a kind woman came near him. He had no trust in humans and he had a good reason for that! This baby was beaten by a heartless monster. The pup’s owner then dumped him onto the street as if his life never mattered in the first place.

The woman called up a local rescue. They instructed her to meet them at a nearby vet clinic. The rescuers were astounded by the pup’s condition. He was so scared and couldn’t handle being touched, even gently. Everything hurt his body so badly. The vet confirmed that he had severe mange as well as a pelvis fracture. He also had the parvovirus.

The vet administered IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication. The puppy settled down once he was in less pain. It was then he understood that these were kind humans and they were not going to hurt him. He hid his little face and tried to rest. He was so exhausted. The vet scheduled pelvic surgery for the next day.

The pup’s new human friends gave him his first good meal and they were thrilled that he ate it all on his own! He was starving! One of the rescuers decided to name the puppy Nick.

He liked the name a lot. She spoke to him, so calmly, as she pet his head and told him everything was going to be okay now. She vowed to take good care of him and make sure he had a home with her until he was strong enough to go to a forever family.