Because Dog Does Not Want His Father To Go To Work He Displays His Sad Eyes

The well-known “sad eyes” are also known as “puppy eyes” for a reason: our dogs frequently utilize them to influence us and make us feel terrible for whatever cause.

While we understand that this conduct is occasionally a whim, their stare is so intense and appealing that we succumb to their demands.

Most dogs use this expression to obtain what they want, and Teemo in particular has mastered the skill of deceiving his parents.

Teemo is a cute little puppy that lives with his family in Taiwan. Her captivating, devastating, and endearing “a sad expression” has suddenly gone viral.

With her attractive smile, the adorable dog has long been described as a particularly friendly animal with people. Teemo, like most dogs, loves his family wholeheartedly and hates to see them go; he wants them to constantly be at his side.


So, when that dreadful moment arrives, Teemo tries everything he can to persuade them to stay at home.

Teemo sits in the same spot every day when his owner goes to work: besides the front entrance. However, his family was so taken aback by his reaction when his father departed for work that they decided to videotape it.


Teemo’s adoring parents have set up a Facebook profile for their beloved pet, where they share all of their daily exploits. In general, the dog appears to be a happy dog, smiling and playing with his stuff, but a video uploaded on social media showed him with a mournful expression as he bid farewell to his favorite human.

The dog sat in his normal spot in the car as his father got in to go to work, but this time he gave him the saddest face you can imagine.


Teemo’s suffering is visible in the video, and according to his family, he was doing this manipulative act for ten minutes until being persuaded to enter the home with the promise of eating some meat.

The video went viral, resulting in hundreds of comments and a rise in his number of followers almost instantly. People who viewed the cute video fell in love with Teemo, who is both charming and deceptive.

“I’m not sure why the human goes to work since the refrigerator provides the majority of the food.”

Teemo’s parents aren’t sure how they got away from him, but he definitely wants to be with them all the time.

Teemo has made a name for himself as a master of melancholy expressions, and he will undoubtedly continue to employ them in order to achieve his aim.