Bitten By Own Mother, Disfigured Dog Longed For Family That Sees His “True Beauty”


Pet lover, Amanda Richter, wanted to adopt a rescue dog. She knew there were so many pups in shelters needing homes and getting a dog from a breeder wasn’t the right fit for her (smart girl!).

She took to Facebook to check out local rescue groups near her home in Alberta. That’s when she saw a photo of a dog that would change her life forever.

The dog, Brodie, has a peculiar face but Amanda only saw his beauty. Brodie was bitten by his own mother at just 13 days old. No one is sure what exactly happened, and believe it or not, these accidents are more common than you’d think. The vet nor family wasn’t certain as to what caused the mother dog to lash out but he was treated immediately.

As he grew, his jaw fused which caused partial blindness in one eye. His face also looks a bit distorted.

Old MacDonald Kennels & Animal Services posted a photo on Facebook because they were trying to find the one-year-old German Shepherd, Border Collie mix a new home after his previous family couldn’t keep him.

“He was truly loved, unfortunately, his owners couldn’t keep him, due to personal health reasons,” Old MacDonald Kennels explained in their Facebook post.

Amanda said that once she saw Brodie online, she just couldn’t get him out of her mind. She knew they had to meet in person so they did! Amanda and her partner, Brad, drove over to the shelter and all three formed a perfect connection.

Brodie exceeded Amanda’s expectations. He has a winning personality. Despite being partially blind, and having a facial deformity, Brodie is perfect. OR maybe it’s his imperfections that make him perfect. Yup! That’s it!

Amanda tells everyone that Brodie is such a sweet, loving dog. She wanted to share his zest for life with as many people as possible, and maybe inspire others with challenges, to embrace their own beauty. Amanda set Brodie up with his own Instagram page. She’s hoping that anyone who needs to uplifted by his cute face, will be.

We are so happy that this family found each other, aren’t you? Check out Brodie on IG by clicking here! Watch the heartwarming video below of a very happy Brodie at home!