Blind Dog Chained For 13 Years Gets To Live His Golden Days In Freedom

After spending 13 years living in horrible conditions, a little blind dog was finally given a chance at freedom.

Rescuers discovered the poor pup had been tied to a small dog shed and neglected her whole life. He wasn’t offered adequate food, water, or social interaction to the point that his rescuers were surprised he was still alive after 13 long years.

Thankfully, they were able to remove the dog, who they named Bunny, from that awful situation and get him into a proper home where he could live out his golden days.When they rescued Bunny, the first thing they did was offer him some food. He ravenously ate!


After that, it was time for a check-up, and they discovered that Bunny had been suffering ticks and fleas, and he needed “doctor treatment immediately.”
They were able to get his conditions treated, and he even got a bath.


Finally, it was time for him to move into his foster home until a permanent family could be found. In a video from The Penguin, Bunny’s foster mom described how the elderly pooch cautiously walked through the grass – he’d never walked in grass before so it was a whole new experience!


Life was so new and full of possibilities for Bunny in his new home. But the good news didn’t stop there. It wasn’t long before the rescuers were able to find Bunny a loving family in Croatia.