Brutal Man Made Puppy Live In Cramped Space Beneath Porch & Never Let Him Out

They need a warm place to sleep, consistent meals, and playtime. But sadly not all owners treat their animals with a kind heart. One sweet puppy that never harmed a soul was forced by his owner to live in a tiny makeshift crate beneath a porch since he was six weeks old. This cruelty is unimaginable.

As the puppy grew in the cramped space, his legs became deformed. He was also deprived of a steady, healthy diet. His owner callously threw him scraps through the slats of the homemade crate. He would basically eat garbage. But thankfully his sad days were about to end.

Someone heard about the puppy and bravely confronted the owner.

She told the man that what he was doing was inhumane and she wanted to bring the dog to the vet and find him a new home. The owner was angry but eventually, with some neighbors intervening, he gave into the woman because he was afraid of the police.

Once the puppy was safe with his new human friend, they headed to the vet clinic.

The vet performed x-rays and confirmed his leg malformation. The puppy would have been totally fine had he not been confined in such a manner.

The vet and his staff thanked the woman and promised they would take good care of the brave little dog.

They got started right away on the puppy’s diet. He was so underfed! Then it was time to start physical therapy. They were all hopeful that he will improve day by day– and he did!

The puppy still cannot walk upright completely but he’s doing so much better!