Bulldog Puppy Threw Hilarious ‘Temper Tantrum’ And Rebels Against His Cool Mama Dog

Mama Bulldog named Patches is very protective of her only child, Elvis. Elvis was born with a cleft lip, which gave him a permanent sneer, so Patches always goes the extra mile to make sure Elvis is growing up well.

We see mommy Patches nudge Elvis to move forward. Whether it is a lesson in socializing, or just another parenting exercise, we hardly know.

But, it seems that Elvis is not happy with mom’s pushy attitude, and he decides to throw a hilarious temper tantrum!

The tiny puppy gets aggressive with mommy, and growls with a big attitude. Like every other mom, Patches calmly tries to reason with her baby. But Elvis’s baby-like riots continue as he wants mommy to stop breathing down his neck!

YouTube/Mary Ellen Brixey

After Elvis has vented out enough, he finally cools down, and goes to mommy to make amends.

YouTube/Mary Ellen Brixey

He adorably snuggles under her paws, and mommy starts playing with her rebellious little baby.

We think Patches and Elvis make the cutest mom-son pair ever!