Cat Has Been Leading The Way For His Blind Doggy Brother For The Past 8 Years

Spike, a blind dog, and Max, his ‘seeing-eye’ cat were surrendered to Saving Grace Animal Society in Alix, Canada, after their owners felt like they deserved an indoor retirement home, rather than the only life they could give them outdoors in the cold temperatures.

Spike is an eight-year-old mixed breed, and is still happy and loving life despite being completely blind.

He has spent his entire eight years of life with his best friend Max by his side, leading the way. Max is the constant that Spike has always known, and because of that, the shelter required them to be adopted together.

Max is super friendly and social, and loves to explore and play with his toys. But his favorite thing of all is guiding his doggy brother through life.

The two of them had gone through big changes in life recently, so the sanctuary knew it was imperative to find them a patient, loving home, where they can spend the rest of their days together.

After carefully going through applications, the sanctuary found them their perfect fit! The adorable duo soon headed to their new home in Manitoba with their loving new mom.