Chihuahua Captures His father’s Heart, Despite The Fact That He “Hates Tiny Dogs”

Sheridan Oliver Martin wanted a beautiful Chihuahua for her next puppy, but when she told her husband, Sinclaire, about it, she knew he wouldn’t approve because he doesn’t like tiny dogs, so she made it obvious.

Sinclaire has always had the impression that little dogs bark a lot and are naughty guys that get into a lot of mischief.

He’d always wished for another huge dog capable of handling Merlin, his German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix.

“I didn’t think a little dog could play rough with Merlin, therefore I wanted a large, robust dog.”

The Chihuahua wins the heart of a man who despises tiny pets.

Sheridan had grown up with a Chihuahua and knew that despite their little stature, they were not to be overlooked.


“I begged and pleaded with dad until he eventually gave up and said I could [have a chihuahua] before my following birthday. I recall the entire week prior, as well as the entire automobile ride. She gave me a lecture about how she was going to be my responsibility and that my dog would not have anything to do with her.

They finally adopted a little girl called Pickles, who won her new father’s heart the moment she met him. She walked up to give him a hug and some kisses and absolutely captivated him with her big eyes.


“As soon as the vehicle door was closed, he turned to me, pointed at Pickles and said, ‘Um, yes, that’s our dog.’ And she just looked at him like, ‘Yes, I am.’

Pickles’ charms won over the man, and he took great care of her. He tucks her next to his pillow, cleans his dirty paws after walks, and puts on his sweaters and clothing. With the adorable Chihuahua, Sinclair did a complete 180.

Pickles, on the other hand, has demonstrated all of his talents and pleasantly surprised the family; she enjoys playing with Merlin, and despite her small, she is extremely athletic and full of energy.


The tiny lady has a big personality and understands how to capture people’s hearts, and she has demonstrated how lovely little dogs can be. Sheridan recently revealed the lovely friendship between Pickles and his father on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page, which has enthralled millions of people.


Pickles is a 5-pound dog with the personality of a 100-pound dog. She makes everyone laugh by making extremely hilarious human facial expressions, as if she knows something you don’t, or she’s cocky, or she’s simply really pleased.

She is a smart young lady who understands how to win the hearts of everybody. She has an uncanny ability to make everyone she comes into contact with feel loved.


“She tried the same thing with my father, who despises tiny pets, particularly Chihuahuas. It’s difficult to resist how he greets his favorite folks as if they’re his favorite thing in the world.


The adorable Pickles is now a licensed service dog and often helps her family and friends in any way she can. The little dog has helped her loved ones rethink about small dogs.

Your father surely thinks twice now before judging the size of a dog and is grateful to his sweet little girl for that.