Chonky Dog Realizes It’s Time To Go On A Diet When He Breaks The Doggy Door

Drax was living on the streets of Queensland, Australia, when Charmaine Hulley’s sister found him. “My sister found him outside her local supermarket a couple of years ago just laying there curled up. He looked skinny and uncared for,” Hulley told The Dodo. “She put him in the car and he just froze with fear and wouldn’t look at anyone.”

Hulley was living with her sister and her four small dogs at the time and quickly started to bond with the new addition to the family. “He’s the most placid dog you could come across,” Hulley said. “He’s the most loving and happy and laid-back boy that just adores all other dogs.”

Stray dog found outside supermarketCHARMAINE HULLEY

Drax took his cues from the four other dogs, doing the same things they did — including sharing their much too small dog beds.

Drax the dog thinks he's littleCHARMAINE HULLEY

When Hulley moved out, she took Drax with her and adopted another dog brother for him. But when Drax came back for a visit with his smaller cousins a few years later, he was in for a surprise.

Chubby dog gets stuck in doggy doorCHARMAINE HULLEY

After going from street dog to spoiled pup, he had packed on a few pounds without realizing it. And after a day of playing in the yard, he followed his smaller cousins through the doggy door and got stuck.

Dog breaks doggy doorCHARMAINE HULLEY

“Dad came home early and saw half the doggy door panel on the ground and looked inside and Drax came wandering down the hallway very casually with it on him,” Hulley said. “I looked over and Drax was on the stairs looking at me … my mouth dropped.”