Clever Cop Tricks Dog Into Opening Car Doors After Pooch Traps Himself Inside

Starting college is a stressful but exciting time for millions of students across the globe. When the family of a Northeastern University student helped their daughter move into her dormitory, they took Linus the dog along for the ride. On day one of the official move-in,

Linus was temporarily left alone in the family car while his family members chatted outside.

Unfortunately, Linus managed to press his paws on the car door’s locking mechanism and trapped himself inside the running vehicle. Unfortunately, the family had no way to get poor Linus out of the car, so they immediately summoned university police to assist.

Officer Armando Soto took one look at Linus and thought of a great idea to unlock the car doors.

Since the car had an automatic locking system, someone from inside the vehicle would need to press the button to free the dog. Officer Soto went to his backpack and retrieved a snack bar from it.

He walked over to the car window where Linus sat up to look at him. Officer Soto then tempted Linus to come and get the snack as he dangled it by the window.

The snack bar must have looked really good because Linus placed his front paws on the car door, triggered the automatic lock system, and the unlock button was discharged. Since a tow truck was called in the meantime, the family was able to cancel the call and snuggle with Linus instead. Thanks to Officer Soto for this clever idea. Perhaps Linus can be the teacher’s pet at the university for being a good boy!