Cop Saves Panting Dog From Sweltering Car While Owner Eats At Nearby Restaurant

A South Euclid police officer was on patrol when he spotted a small white dog trying to jump out of a car window at Petsmart.As the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed that the dog’s owner wasn’t inside and was nowhere to be found.

The officer ran the vehicle’s license plate, in an attempt to locate the owner, but to no avail.With time running out, the officer pulled the panting dog from the window and carried him to his patrol car. He immediately gave him water, which the dog quickly chugged.

South Euclid Police Department/Facebook

If it weren’t for the officer, the dog would have eventually died in the hot car.

The officer stayed by the dog’s side until the dog’s owner arrived.

South Euclid Police Department/Facebook

The 62-year-old woman had been eating at a nearby restaurant. She was charged with Cruelty to Animals.

Although the window was cracked open, it was 86 degrees outside, which means it was even hotter in the car. A dog should never be left alone in a car, even if the window is cracked open.

According to, the inside of a car in 70 degree weather can reach 100 degrees in just 20 minutes. When it’s even hotter outside, temperatures inside cars can reach 140 degrees in less than an hour.