Crying Woman Bursts Through Shelter Door & Pleads To Get Her Deaf Dog Back

Glock the dog bowed his head in sadness while in the care of the Santa Rosa County Animal Services Shelter. The sweet deaf dog had been in the care of the shelter for about two weeks when a woman showed up at their doorstep begging for Glock. She was crying and had the dog’s veterinary records in her hands, but could not afford his adoption fee.

On Facebook, Jessica Jade shared a photo of Glock, who appears sad and heartbroken because he probably misses his owner so much. Jade said the woman came in and said, “Can I please have my dog? I don’t have any money to get him out”.

Source: Santa Rosa County Animal Services/Facebook

She was asked which dog belonged to her, and when she said Glock, they did some paperwork and the dog did belong to her. In response to her pleas, Jade said, “It’s okay, we got you. You’re getting your dog back”.

Source: Santa Rosa County Animal Services/Facebook

Jade added, “Inflexible redemption fees and policies prevent animals from returning to their homes and unnecessarily add to shelter populations.” She hopes shelters can be flexible, especially during these difficult times, to provide happy, positive outcomes in cases where pets can be reunited. Glock didn’t need to be rescued, but he did need to go back home with the person who loved him and cared for him.

A few days later, Jade provided an update to her post, which has since gone viral. They found out the woman had a litter of kittens at home and they plan to give her vouchers to spay and neuter them as an act of kindness.

“I’m proud of Santa Rosa County Animal Services for being progressive, and ensuring positive outcomes as they understand the grand picture of lifesaving,” she concluded. We agree with you, Jessica Jade, and thank you and the shelter for being so kind to Glock and his mom.