Dad Who Didn’t Want A Dog Now Tucks Him In For Nap Time


When Rachael Rodrigues got Oliver as a graduation present around seven years ago, she was thrilled and also a little surprised, because she knew how her parents felt about dogs.

“Both my parents were very anti-dog, as we’ve always had cats and they were hesitant with the additional work (training, walking, grooming, etc.) that comes with a dog,” Rodrigues told The Dodo.

Rodrigues wasn’t surprised that she quickly fell in love with Oliver. She was surprised, however, at how hard her dad fell for Oliver.

“Dad was smitten from the start,” Rodrigues said. “He’d often walk around the house just carrying Oliver around. In the first week that we got him, we thought Oliver had a stomachache and wouldn’t sleep through the night, so Dad slept on the floor with him under a blanket and rubbed his stomach the whole night.”

Although he hates to admit it, Rodrigues’ dad has always treated Oliver just like another child in the family, and Oliver loves every second of it.


When Oliver is napping, Rodrigues’ dad loves to cover him up with a blanket and tuck him in — and it’s definitely one of the cutest sights in the world.

“Oliver was asleep on Dad’s pillow so Dad thought he’d cover him up too,” Rodrigues said.


Rodrigues’ dad tucks Oliver in as if he’s a giant toddler. Even though he never wanted a dog, he now loves Oliver so much, and Oliver loves him right back.

“The video is pretty much what Dad and Oliver’s relationship is like — Dad treats him like an absolute baby (even though he won’t admit it) and Oliver laps it all up,” Rodrigues said.