Deputy Comes Back To Town To Meet The Blind Rescue Pit Bull He Had Befriended

Deputy Trevor Reeves developed a deep friendship with a homeless Pit Pull named Stevie Wonder back when the dog was still at the shelter. Stevie was going blind due to a degenerative eye disease, and Deputy Reeves would spend hours caring for the gentle boy.

When Stevie got adopted into a wonderful family, the deputy was relieved to know that his buddy’s troubles were finally over.

Years later, Deputy Reeves was in a different city when he received the most heartbreaking piece of news – Stevie had been viciously mauled by some dogs.

Source: Animal Planet/YouTube

His family was emotionally traumatized after the incident, so they gave him away. That’s when Deputy Reeves reached out a good friend and begged him to care for Stevie.

Source: Animal Planet/YouTube

We see Deputy Reeves arriving in town to visit Stevie after Stevie survived the attack. While he isn’t sure if the blind pooch still remembers him, Stevie senses the presence of his old buddy and races to him for a hug. Deputy Reeves can barely hold his tears back as he embraces Stevie’s battered body with a broken heart.

Deputy Reeves’s eyes overflow with hurt as he emotionally explains what Stevie means to him. Stevie sure has had an unpredictable journey, but he is in safe hands now. He is recovering well in his foster home, and Deputy Reeves will always watch over him and make sure he lives the life he deserves. What an extraordinary bond of love!