Devastated Family Unable To Afford Dog’s Medical Bills Forced To Surrender Her

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is all about helping animals get a second chance at life, and that includes helping their owners as well.

When a heartbroken family was forced to surrender their dog because they could not pay for her medical bills, the shelter workers decided to do something incredible in time for the holidays.

Poor Joy the dog broke her leg, and her owners had no way to help pay for her medical bills. As a result, they made the devastating decision to surrender little Joy to the shelter. In the spirit of Christmas, the humane society performed surgery on Joy’s leg.

“After reviewing Joy’s x-ray we found that the bone was shattered beyond repair.

The only option for Joy was amputation. In the spirit of Christmas, we amputated Joy’s leg today and called Joy’s family to come and pick her up at no cost,” the humane society wrote on Facebook.

The family could not believe their ears, and they cried tears of joy.

The family was overjoyed, and the shelter workers felt good being able to make someone’s holiday a little bit brighter. Pets are family members, and we can only imagine how wonderful Joy’s family is to have her back in their lives.