Dog Abandoned In An Empty Parking Lot With Only Her Bed For Company


A puppy named Bluebelle sat patiently in an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas, waiting for someone to notice her. The only thing that separated the elderly pittie and the scorching concrete was her dog bed.

Bluebelle glanced up at the animal protection officers with gentle, sorrowful eyes as aid arrived, and graciously received snacks from their hands.

Stephanie McCutcheon, the marketing and volunteer coordinator at the Austin Animal Center, told The Dodo, “You could see how thankful Bluebelle was to be saved and brought to the shelter.” “The first couple of days, Bluebelle drank a lot of water and slept a lot in the air-conditioned luxury of her bed.”

Dog abandoned in parking lot with her bedAUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER

Bluebelle, an estimated 9-year-old cat, is now receiving the care she requires at the Austin Animal Center. Demodex mange, a skin mite infection, is to blame for her lost fur and raw, red skin, and she’s being treated for conjunctivitis in both eyes.


“She is in good spirits, despite her health challenges,” McCutcheon added. “She has the sweetest little smile on her face and a spring in her stride.” Our Animal Care workers and veterinarians have been taking excellent care of her.”

Pit bull abandoned with her dog bedAUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER

The shelter workers felt Bluebelle would be happier in a home, and because of the pup’s endearing demeanor, she was immediately adopted by a foster family.

“Her heart is still full, and she is incredibly receptive of humans,” McCutcheon added, despite her appearance. “Bluebelle just had a meet-and-greet with a foster family and their dog, and everything went well, so she’ll be leaving the shelter shortly!”


Bluebell’s health difficulties will be remedied, and she will begin her quest for a forever home to cherish her for the rest of her life.