Dog Allows A Burglar In & Owner Brutalized Her, Dog Pays Back Owner By Surviving

All dogs deserve to be cherished but some humans can be beyond callous. Linda, a sweet and loyal dog, lived with her family for over two years. She was always a good dog but one day, she didn’t alert her owners when a burglar broke into their home.

The friendly dog severely disappointed her heartless humans. To punish her, they tied Linda to the back of their car and drove to a field. They then beat her while she begged for mercy. Their intention was to take her life but Linda got her own revenge. She survived!

Thankfully a rescue group was called in when a passerby heard the dog crying. She was motionless when rescuers arrived but she was still breathing. She had a severe head wound caused by a rock they found nearby. Her disgusting owner hit her with it but the little warrior fought hard to live.

The rescuers carried Linda and put her into their vehicle. They then headed to one of their homes nearby since it was the middle of the night. They tended to her wounds as best as they could. Linda was in pain and it broke their hearts.

The next morning, the rescuers took Linda to the emergency clinic. The doctor was also shaken by what Linda had been through. His first priority was to get her stabilized. She was given IV fluids, pain medication, antibiotics, and sedation so she could sleep. The vet explained that if she woke up on her own the next day, it was an excellent sign.

After a good night’s sleep, Linda did wake up! Amazingly, even though she had been through such a horrific experience, she never lost faith in humans. The vet and his staff watched Linda closely. She began to improve bit by bit. It was time to schedule her for cranial surgery.

The surgery was invasive and the veterinarian had no idea if she’d survive… But Linda did! After seven grueling hours on the table, Linda pulled through. She had a long way to go in terms of recovery but she was on her way there!


The vet kept Linda in intensive care. Any loud noise could hurt her or upset her so no visitors were allowed except one of the rescuers that bonded with Linda. Her wounds were tended to constantly and she was never alone.

Two months later, Linda improved so much that the vet cleared her to go home. Linda’s favorite rescuer adopted her. To say this dog is a warrior is a vast understatement. Thank you to all who were involved in Linda’s rescue and survival.