Dog escaped abusive owner and was found with her mouth tightly shut with a wire

Trigger warning: The story contains details and some graphic pictures of animal abuse that might be distressing to some readers.

A young dog was found in such a horrible state that her rescuers can’t fathom how someone could be so cruel towards a defenseless creature with nothing but love to offer.

Thankfully, the dog somehow escaped from her abusive owner and find her way a resident’s yard in Wichita, Kansas. She was then found by a good samaritan, who was shocked to see the canine’s mouth shut so tightly with a wire wrapped around her mouth.

The good samaritan then took the dog to the Wichita Animal Services and made sure she got the medical attention she needed.

“Her mouth had been tied shut causing deep lacerations while exposing her bone and tissue. We’ve stepped in to provide an emergency foster home and medical care for this severe case of abuse,” wrote the Kansas Humane Society on Facebook.

Despite being put through absolute horror, the dog still couldn’t wait to make friends in her new environment. “She loves being around people and wants nothing more than your love and attention. She’s now with one of our most experienced foster families…”

Today, the dog has a new name, Cutie, and is getting all the love she needs to heal with her foster family.

“We’ve had some pretty serious things with dogs but nothing like this before,” said KHS Foster Parent, Chollet Bucl, while speaking to KAKE.

“You can really see the bone today,” Bucl added about Cutie’s condition while giving the interview.

Since the time Bucl began fostering animals for the Kansas Humane Society, she has opened her home to over a hundred different animals from different backgrounds. But the case of Cutie was the first time she came across something so heartbreaking.

“I’m almost afraid that nose might come off. But I don’t know if that’s a possibility,” Bucl added.

KHS Marketing Director, Ericka Goering said, “It’s hard for us to comprehend how someone can do that. I know for people watching at home are feeling the same way or wondering how does this happen.”

Thankfully, Cutie is still playful and seems to be doing really well, given the condition she was found in. The staff at KHS are happy she was found before suffering anything worse at the hands of her previous owner.

KHS is also urging the public to take action if they suspect any kind of animal abuse going on around them.

“If people you know have animal abuse that’s happening, please reach out to Animal Control,” Goering said. “They’re the ones who can investigate that and start a case, and maybe, you know, get something done about it. Maybe remove that animal for the home or bring charges against the person.”

For now, Bucl is taking care of Cutie and waiting to see her make a full recovery before she can find a new forever home. Bucl also hopes that the person, who cruelly wired the dog’s mouth shut, will be handled appropriately by the law.

Bucl said, “We have cruelty laws that are punishable. So I’m hoping that something is done. I’m hoping the people, if they’re found, they’re prosecuted.”