Dog Gives Mom His Version Of The ‘Silent Treatment’ After Discouraging First Trip To Dentist

Let’s face it, no one enjoys that routine trip to the dentist’s office. We know that it’s necessary for our personal hygiene, but we would likely suffer more without that routine clean-up. We therefore steel ourselves for the numbing shot. Nevertheless, the sound of a drill brings no one joy, especially not when that drill is in their mouth.

This is even the case for dogs it seems, at least with regard to one dog named Fritz. After his human took him to the dentist, Fritz was so annoyed at her that he gave her the silent treatment on their drive home. The video is adorable to watch, although it’s hard not to feel sorry for poor Fritz!

Humans aren’t the only ones who dread the dentist. It turns out that a dog’s sentiment is no different. As an example, meet Fritz, a two-and-a-half-year-old lab mix from Salt Lake City, Utah. His mom, Bret, captured him in this video giving her the cold shoulder like a human would do. What was it that upset him? Mom had taken him out to his regular dentist’s appointment.

Feeling betrayed, he stares out the car window as if unable to forget the smell of the dentist’s office or the cold water they used to clean his mouth.

We should remember that Fritz’s mom was in the right. Doctors’ appointments and dental checkups, unpleasant as they might be, are important to keep a human and a pet healthy. Fritz might have been disappointed, but that dreaded drill could have saved him from worse things, like cavities or a root canal.

Fritz doesn’t realize that. He continues to stare out the window while his mom calls his name. We can understand both sides of the story: Bret only wants to keep her dog healthy, but Fritz appears paralyzed with anger over the unpleasant sensations that surrounded him during that check-up.