Dog Gives The Best Hugs After Being Saved From Euthanasia

A stray dog named Robin was found limping on the streets with an injured leg. Because of his broken leg, he was brought to a kill shelter, where people do nothing except put animals on a euthanasia list. The poor dog seemed to give up hope and he was resigned to a sad fate.

Thankfully, members of Vet Ranch stepped into the shelter to rescue Robin before he was put down.

When the rescuers pick him up and took him to Vet Ranch, they found that his leg was not broken, it was just bruised. The vet fixed him up with a little standard veterinary care.

However, it was only after rescuing him that his rescuers discovered how much he sweet and lovely was.

He gave the rescuers big hugs and they are the most adorable things in the world.

After being received the necessary treatments, Robin is now ready for a forever home. It was just a month after being rescued, he found his loving family.

He was adopted by a kind mom, who always loves him unconditionally and welcomes his amazing personality. The new mom says, rest assured, he’s being thoroughly spoiled and looked after every day.