Dog Has The Best Reaction When Her Mom Decides To Bark At Her


When a trend started going around on TikTok where people would bark at their dogs and record their reactions, Adrian Chateau Wiles decided she had to try it out. She was hanging out with her dog, Keiko, who was already feeling a little feisty, and she knew this was the moment.

She leaned forward and let out a nice, loud bark — and Keiko immediately snapped to attention.

The look on Keiko’s face as she stared at her mom, unsure of what to do, was absolutely priceless. She was shocked and bewildered, and probably a little betrayed. After all, she had no idea her mom could bark like that.

Keiko gave her mom the funniest side-eye the world has ever seen and then started jumping around. She figured the bark was an invitation to play, and she was completely ready to accept.

Of course, Keiko kept up the side-eye routine because it was all a bit unexpected and she was overwhelmed with excitement. Her mom had barked at her, so it was pretty much the best day of her life.

Wiles definitely hadn’t expected that reaction from Keiko, and absolutely love it — and so did the entire internet.