Dog Is Adamant On Getting A Big Stick Into The Car And Driving It Home

Henry’s family has had him since he was a puppy, and he’s always had the largest personality around, even when he was young.

“We’ve had Henry since he was the size of a 6-foot Subway sub,” Henry’s mother, Amy W. Martin, told The Dodo. “He has a relentless personality. If it isn’t his way, it isn’t his way.”

Sticks are at the top of Henry’s list of things on which he will not compromise. Henry adores sticks, and whenever he comes across one while out and about, he is always eager to find a way to bring it home, despite his parents’ objections.

“He likes sticks,” Martin explained, “but we try not to let him chew on them since they have caused his mouth to bleed.” “We’ll have to bargain with him when we get back to the car if he finds one on a stroll.”


Henry just discovered the largest stick of all, and he refused to believe anyone who said he couldn’t keep it. When he returned to the automobile, he instantly set about attempting to figure out how to get the stick inside, but the stick refused to comply.


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Henry couldn’t get the stick in the automobile no matter how hard he tried, and he was quite disappointed in everyone who refused to help him. He had to leave it behind in the end, but his efforts to bring it with him were courageous – and predictable.