Dog Is So Excited For His Puppuccino He Climbs Through Starbucks Window


Dana was in the drive-through line at Starbucks, waiting for her coffee, when she noticed the car in front of her had a very excited dog hanging out the window. He seemed to be waiting for something — and she assumed it was probably a Puppacino.

The dog, named BooBoo, seemed to be a regular as he knew exactly what he was waiting for. He climbed into the driver’s seat to wait closer to the window as if to will the people at Starbucks to please work a little faster. Dana pulled out her phone and started recording because she thought it was so cute — and everyone is definitely glad she did.

At one point, the overeager BooBoo just couldn’t take the wait anymore — and climbed out his car window and went right through the drive-through window before anyone really knew what was happening.

Everyone in the Starbucks was yelling, both shocked and delighted at the sudden turn of events. Of course, BooBoo was likely returned to his car very quickly — hopefully with his beloved Puppacino in his possession, since that’s all he really wanted anyway.

If they won’t bring you the Puppacino, bring yourself to it instead. That’s BooBoo’s motto, and honestly, it probably worked.