Dog Is So Excited To See Snow For The First Time He Has To Show His Tiger


When Liz Andersen’s dog, Captain, grabs his tiger toy, she knows he’s delighted.

Since he was a puppy, the 1-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever has been enamored with plush tigers.

Andersen told The Dodo, “He had a white tiger that was our daughter’s and he took it as his own.” “Of course, he destroyed everything, but my daughter had this orange tiger that he kept snatching — so it’s now his.”

“He lugs it everywhere with him!” When he gets enthusiastic and wiggles his tiny butt,” Andersen added, he always picks it up.

As a result, when Captain’s family relocated from California to Denver, Colorado, the much-loved plush tiger joined them. Andersen was excited for her puppy to see everything Colorado has to offer, particularly the snow.


And she wasn’t disappointed when fluffy white snowflakes began to fall onto the yard last week. Captain couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what he did.

Dog loves his stuffed tiger


“He just just glanced around at it and attempted to take a little bit of it,” Andersen said. “But he just stood there and watched… he was enthralled.”

Dog sees snow for the first time


Andersen was taken aback when Captain knocked on the door, but he soon grasped why: he wanted to celebrate the wonderful occasion with his toy tiger.

Dog brings stuffed tiger to see snow


Andersen stated, “[He] grabbed his tiger and raced back out racing about.”

Captain understands that everything is better when shared with someone you care about. And Captain’s family feels the same way about him.


Andersen stated, “He has truly made our family whole.” “He is a beacon of light who is always there for others. We have an autistic kid, and he is always going to him for comfort. He’s the most wonderful child we could have wished for.”