Dog Knocks On Her Best Friend’s Door Every Night To See If She Can Come And Play

One day, Shadow and her family were leaving to go on a walk when a random dog ran straight into their apartment. She was so excited to see Shadow that she’d just invited herself in through the open door, and Shadow was definitely excited to meet her, too. They quickly learned her name was Lupa, and she lived right down the hall.

That was the moment that Shadow and Lupa became best friends.

Now, Shadow and Lupa have playdates almost every single day. One of their parents will open the door, and whichever dog will bolt down the hallway towards her best friend’s door, knock (although sometimes Lupa opens the door all on her own) and wait patiently to be let inside.

dog best friendsOLIVIA SCHWAB

As soon as Shadow and Lupa see each other, they go nuts — every single time. They run up and down the hall and tear through each other’s apartments. Their parents are all used to it by now, and thankfully, so is everyone else.

“Our security is obsessed with their friendship, as well as our vet,” Olivia Schwab, Shadow’s mom, told The Dodo. “Our neighbors are completely OK with this (we live on a dog-friendly floor) and have had another dog join in on the fun.”

dog best friendsOLIVIA SCHWAB

The pair are so close that their families have become close as well, and often take the girls on walks together. Their playdates range anywhere from quick two-minute hellos to hour-long walks to one of the families watching both dogs for a few hours, and Shadow and Lupa love it all. Even though they get to see each other all the time, it’s still not enough for them, and they both make that very known.

dog best friendsOLIVIA SCHWAB

“They both bolt for the other door when we go to take them on a walk,” Schwab said.

Shadow and Lupa met by chance, and now they’re best friends — and they’re not afraid to let their entire building know about it every chance they get.