Dog Left For alone On Side Of The Road Until Good Samaritan Finally Makes Lifesaving Call


Even though she was left for dead by the side of the road for over 24 hours, Lady the dog would soon be able to call herself one lucky pup.

When the animal rescue group, Hope for Paws, received the call about the dirty curly haired dog lying by the curb in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles, team member Eldad Hagar sprung into action to help save the little canine.

Recording his journey, Hagar can be seen driving into a neighborhood searching the street for the stray. Cars packed the tight roadway and apartment buildings can be seen off in the distance. At first the man cannot locate the little pup, but then his eyes are drawn to a dirty white pile next to a large green dumpster. This must be the dog he was searching for.

Lady, as Hagar would name her, did not respond at first to the rescuer’s kindness. Indeed the little white poodle seemed frightened at the appearance of this guardian angel. Yet Hagar spoke gently and softly to Lady and without fanfare, he moved her to a soft blanket in order to carry her to the car.

Realizing her pelvis may be crushed due to her lack of movement, Hagar rushed the dog to the vet where x-rays confirmed the diagnosis.

Hospitalization was required until Lady’s pelvis healed, but as soon as she was medically cleared—the little pup received a groom and the rescue was astonished at the results.

The mangy white dog turned into the perfect toy poodle under their own eyes.